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Call our roofing team today for a wide range of maintenance and repair options, from replacing slates and tiles to re-felting your flat roof.

Protect your roof from bad weather

Property developer? Landlord? Letting agent? We'll make sure your property's roof stays in great shape with regular maintenance checks.

Old, worn roof?

Commercial contracts

A well maintained roof could save you a lot of money in repair costs in the future. Poor roof maintenance could lead to water getting into your building, causing long-term damage which will be very difficult to repair.

Need roof repairs or roofing maintenance? Claiming on your insurance? We're fully approved to carry out repair and maintenance work on roofs, chimneys and more in Teesside and North Yorkshire. Call PDM Roofing LTD on 07963 452 145 or 01642 767 642

Insurance approved roofers in Middlesbrough

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